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Goblin house

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Goblin House was set up to fulfil the publishing requirements of Nelly Harper.

The publishing world is currently undergoing a massive change. Publishing houses are loathe to take on new talent during these unsettled economic times and even those that are hesitate to put much funding behind any new venture unless it is a tried and tested name. Hence the amount of famous names in bookshop shelves and promotion tables and the distinct lack of ‘unknowns’. It is hardly surprising that this has happened and you cannot blame companies for trying to protect their interests. It has however made it much harder for up and coming authors to gain a foothold.

Many are turning to self publishing, quickly rolling off an e-book, or using Amazon’s Createspace to get a print version available. This has been fantastic for authors who no longer have to put in the years of trying to get noticed by an agent. It has however flooded the market with poorly edited work, some of which sadly should never have been published.

This in turn has opened up a third avenue for the professionally minded author. To become self published using a reputable third party self publishing company (there are many disreputable ones), who for a fee will take a quality manuscript and have it professionally published. The responsibility for all marketing and the ultimate success of the book lies with the author.

For the works of Nelly Harper, we took this process one step further and created Goblin House. A publishing house set up initially to solely work with Nelly and ensure that her work is produced to the highest standards possible. Using industry specialists where needed Nelly has managed to create a place where she can keep full artistic control of her work - something which is extremely important to her.

Eventually it is hoped that Goblin House will be able to open its doors and welcome some new talent in. Always giving the author total artistic control of their work. For any of you aspiring authors out there who are struggling to find your place, we say keep at it. This whole industry is changing, don’t cling to the usual commercial route. Go indie!