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Featured Author

Nelly Harper

Nelly Harper lives in the beautiful Blackdown Hills on the Devon/Somerset border and is the reason Goblin House began.

Writing in the genre of historical fantasy, Nelly is the author of The Jet Necklace and The Albion Chronicles Series.

She is currently working on the third Albion Chronicles novel and is busy recording audio versions of her books.

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2017 has been a very busy year for Goblin House.  In the fiction department, the second book in The Albion Chronicles series has just been released and work is well underway with The Albion Chronicles book 3. Whilst in non-fiction, work has begun on a new range of children’s craft books.

In a land of secret alliances, how do you know who can be trusted?

Kariss is in increasing danger and the threat from rival Martaani will only grow as midsummer approaches.

Forced back into hiding once more, Kariss learns that even those closest to her are capable of betrayal.

Seven druids now hold the key to her survival but will she be able to find them all in time?